About Us

Dear you and me

Being married and being a mother of 2 incredible girls has changed my life a lot.
Like any mother, I also have good days and days that are less. But there is one thing that can always changes my mood and that is … clothes!
It’s a passion I’ve had since I was little.
And I belief that that passion is in my DNA because every day I notice more and more that my oldest daughter also has that in her blood.
And this gives me even more motivation to bring this passion into reality. I like clothes and I like the feeling I get when I wear my clothes.
And I want to pass on that good feeling through the clothes I choose. That feeling you get when you wear something, that nice feeling that makes your day extra fun.
Is it that nice dress or those beautiful pants, or that bright blouse? It does not matter, as long as you have that Good feeling
For this feeling I am doing everything necessary to pass it on to you. Therefore, I hope you get that feeling by wearing these incredible clothes.
And if you haven’t found anything here, it’s okay. Do spread the love by introducing us to someone else.
And for you:
JustLove yourself and that Good Feeling.